JDH Solutions are specialists in the field of Category Management and Visual Merchandising and offer comprehensive space planning solutions for clients with or without their own software.

Local audits and studies of categories can be undertaken along with range reviews, gap analysis and general consulting in this area.

For clients requiring high visual impact, JDH Solutions offers images and 3D rendering of planograms  for presentations, visual aid boards, animated files and websites.

JDH Solutions carry out all projects in-house and we take pride in being both efficient and expert in our field.

JDA Spaceplanning

JDH Solutions are licensed to use Space Planning by Intactix which is generally regarded as the industry standard in the UK. We are able to translate some other software formats directly into planograms eg.Spaceman. Products can be extracted from MarketMax files and we manually re-construct the planogram from a pdf printout of the plan. There […]

Product Imaging

The use of product images in planograms gives major benefits – Brings a planogram to life and makes it more meaningful Enables brand and other visual blocking to be more visible Images help in sense checking product dimensions and orientation in the planogram When issued to store merchandisers pictorial planograms aid compliance Images are very […]

Android App Development

We develop our own Android Mobile App Solutions for Product Management in JDA Spaceplanning. The combination of our space planning expertise and mobile device programming enables us to keep corporate product libraries updated efficiently.

Spaceplanning Sample Images